Fee Schedule January 2005

Fees adjusted for large programs


Surgical Embryo Recovery and Transfer

Surgical and laboratory set up at SRG       $400
Set up for ET on farm                               $600
Surgery per donor                                     $150    
Each fresh embryo transferred                 $  60    
Transferring Frozen Embryos

Laboratory and surgical set up at SRG       $300
Set up on farm                                           $500
Each frozen embryo transferred                $  60

 Embryo Freezing

Charges are added to the embryo recovery fees.

Freezing laboratory set up fee                  $150
Per embryo for domestic sale                    $  25
Per embryo for export                              $  30



Producer to provide efficient animal handling or additional time charges may  be applied 

Laparoscopic AI   

Set up fee at SRGenetics                              $150
Set up fee at your farm                                $250    
Fee per insemination   - first 10                    $  30
Fee for each additional AI                           $  20

Trans cervical AI   (minimum 10 animals)

Goats only On-farm set up fee                       $100
inseminations                                ea.           $  12


 We are working on the establishment of a semen collection facility - stay tuned.

On-farm  semen programs quoted individually based on distance, time, number of animals  


Long term storage of semen and embryos is provided by Gencor, Woodstock.

SRG provides short term storage for insemination /ET programs.

Shipping  arranged at cost of time and travel, liquid nitrogen, tank rental, regulatory charges


Charges for work on-farm will include travel at $ .30 per km plus travel time
after the first 30 minutes for one or  two persons and accommodations  as required.

 Embryo transfer and laparoscopic AI are surgical procedures. As with all surgical procedures, there is some degree of risk involved.  Animals must be in good health and condition, vaccinated and, if valuable, insured.

 Many factors affect the success of ET and AI programs. Results cannot be guaranteed. The client is responsible to be aware of their responsibilities:
providing animal handling, animal preparation for surgery, and drugs for
superovulation and synchronization.

A deposit of approximately 20% of the estimated  fee  must reach SRGenetics at least 30 days in advance.  Surgical procedures are performed by Buschbeck Veterinary Services.

SRGenetics facilities are designed to secure the  health status of your animals.

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