AI Equipment

The Guelph System for Transcervical AI

For information on the technique: Guelph System for Transcervical AI (GST-AI)


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Plexiglass vaginoscope with plunger, opening along one side, and slot for light.



Battery operated light source. Alternative lights can be used.




Bozeman surgical forceps - to grasp the cervical os


Modified Cassou Insemination gun   (0.25 ml or  0.5 ml) with threaded
 end for attachment of insemination tip



 Semen straw cutter and straw tweezers



 Brass attachment for rinsing insemination tips


Stainless steel insemination tips with screw-on ends designed
 for 1/2 or 1/4 cc straws and to attach to modified Cassou gun

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This page gives an overview of the equipment required for transcervical AI.

We do not currently offer this equipment for sale.

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