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SRGenetics is  owned by  Dr. Chris Buschbeck and her husband Axel Meister. It offers reproductive services to the sheep and goat industries.

Chris Buschbeck BSc. MSc. DVM.

Chris is a large animal veterinarian who has worked in the field of AI and ET for over a decade.  Chris is a partner with her husband Axel (and two children) in a dairy-sheep operation (WoolDrift Farm), where they breed purebred East Friesian Dairy sheep. Chris holds a masters degree in agriculture ruminant nutrition and a doctor of veterinary medicine from the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph.


Chris and her former business partner Brian Buckrell were part of the team that developed the Guelph System for Transcervical AI, the first practical system used for transcervical AI in sheep using frozen semen. The system also works well in goats and small deer species.  Chris and Brian have traveled in regions through much of the sheep and goat producing world giving educational programs or training session in AI and ET.

SRGenetic’s facilities include a mobile insemination and embryo laboratory and surgery,  storage facilities for frozen semen and embryos and space to perform surgeries. Services can be performed at SRGenetics or many can be provided on your farm.


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SRGenetic's flock of high-health  embryo transfer recipient ewes.

Semen collection and quarantine barn.

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Mobile laboratory and surgical

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